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Welcome to the Green Sheet & White Sheet


Publishers of the Green Sheet & White Sheet Shopping Guides

Green Sheet & White Sheet print publications cover the Eastern part of Southern California and parts of Arizona and Nevada. We distribute each week to over 4,000 locations in the communities we serve.

The Green Sheet Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 targets your potential customers in Southern California's Inland Empire while the White Sheet Zones 5 & 6 target California's fast-growing Coachella Valley, including the Hi-Desert and the Imperial Valley. Zones 7, 8, 9, and 10 cover Arizona, Nevada and California's Colorado River Communities.

Who We Are and What We Do The Best Value in Advertising

The Green Sheet & White Sheet is the publisher of the demand shopping guides GREEN SHEET and the WHITE SHEET which are distributed across Southern California's Inland Empire, the Coachella, Yucca and Imperial Valleys, and the communities along the Colorado River in California, Arizona and Nevada.

You can also place paid and free classified advertising online and view all Green Sheet & White Sheet print publications at: Green and White Sheet Classified Ads.

What Is A Demand Shopping Guide?

A demand shopping guide is a free publication that is made available in high traffic, convenient locations.

Unlike a large number of newspaper readers who buy the newspaper for the news, our committed readers use our shopping guides to help in making comparison purchases.

Remember, our readers are committed to a purchase or they would not pick up our products.

» Over 350,000 combined weekly readers and online viewers.
» Tremendous readership, over 4,000 classified ads published each week.
» One format, multiple publications.
» Full color cababilities.
» Online presents.
» Affordable rate structure.
» Target zoning.
» Effective "Demand" distribution.
» Convenient modular sizing.
» Multiple market coverage.
» Volume discounts.
» Multi-zone discounts.
» Bringing buyers and sellers together for over 40 years.
» FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions